About Propellant

Propellant isn't an agency. It's a network of mad scientists, creative thought leaders, production gurus, and digital wizards. We can scale up or down depending on the needs of the project, thus providing clients with the right people without the inflated price tag.  We believe that in this over-saturated, way-too-noisy, media environment, our core strategy enables businesses to speak to their audiences in a way that old media cannot. We provide the chemical reaction that allows our clients to rise above the crowd.

Founder and Creative Director, Matt Osterman is an award-wining director, writer, and filmmaker specializing in creating immersive stories and campaigns for the tech, retail, gaming, and film industries. His branding and naming work on the retail level has led to over $300 million in sales in stores such as Target, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, and Bass Pro Shops. His work in the tech and video game industries includes strategic branding, scriptwriting, and creative direction for a host of developers, manufacturers, and service providers. Osterman has also closely collaborated with Emmy Award winner and New York Time best-selling author Dan Buettner, helping him found Blue Zones Inc. He also produced a project for Jon Stewart, is a fellow of the IFP Labs in NYC, and has had projects optioned by Universal Studios and XYZ Films.  His feature film work, 400 Days (2016) and Ghost From the Machine (2010), has received critical acclaim from publications such as Variety, has played festivals around the world, and is distributed globally by XLrator media and Screen Media Films respectively. Matt lives in the Twin Cities of MN and is represented by Marc Manus of Manus Entertainment in Los Angeles, CA.