400 Days

The second feature film written and directed by Matt Osterman. Released by SyFy Films. Produced by Gabriel Cowan & John Suits.

400 Days was originally inspired by a real life experiment called Mars500 where a group of five aspiring astronauts were put in a fake spaceship for 500 days. Upon conclusion of the mission, they left the ship in fine health with minor repercussions. It was then we decided to make their stay (and exit) a whole lot more interesting. During the writing process we leaned heavily on The Twilight Zone and puzzle movies that invite the audience to actively engage (and possibly get frustrated) with the material. We wanted the audience to exit the film unsure if they were part of the experiment themselves.

The film was released theatrically in January 2016 in sixteen markets and day and date on VOD, iTunes, Amazon, etc. Upon release, the reactions were mixed, however, a passionate and vocal group dug deep into the clues and there are now hundreds of online theories and pages upon pages of comments about what the film actually meant.

You can read a sampling of the theories here: https://400days.tumblr.com/



Ghost from The Machine

Written, Directed, and Edited by Matt Osterman. Produced by Jennifer Kramer and Jon Maichel Thomas.

It all began with a story I heard about Thomas Edison. Near the end of his life he attempted to create a device that could communicate with the deceased. We don’t know if he was going senile or actually on to something, but he died before he could finish it and the blueprints are relegated to the dustbin of history. I found the subject immediately attractive and began setting out on a process to contemporize it and make it into a feature film. After 18 months of research and writing, the script was ready for production. I hired a producer and we began the laborious fundraising process. After a few brave investors stepped forward, we began production with a whopping $25,000 budget. The film was shot locally in 17 days with a small and smart crew, limited locations, and a talented cast. Shortly after completing a rough edit of the film, it was accepted into the amazing IFP Filmmaker Labs held in NYC. It was one of ten independent films in the entire nation to be chosen for its artistic vision and outstanding promise.

The film premiered in 2010 at the Fantasia Film Festival, has played dozens of festivals around the world, and has been released domestically and internationally by Screen Media Films and Bleiberg.


A Fan for All Seasons (orig. title: Sportsfan) (2007)

Assoc. Produced by Matt Osterman
Directed by Aaron Lubarsky
Exec. Produced by Jon Stewart

Premiered at Full Frame Documentary Festival. Released nationwide on SpikeTV (RIP).